Andy OS 0.44

Andy OS is an operating system that allows you to run an Android environment in your PC

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 2003

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Andyroid is a free Android device emulator for a desktop PC. Andyroid lets you run

a simulated Android phone or tablet device directly from your desktop PC as if you had a physical Android device in your hands. Your computer's microphone, webcam and internet connection are seamlessly tethered to this emulated device, allowing you to run video conferencing apps or even engage in online gaming through the Android operating system.

A Well-Rounded Android Experience

While many Android emulators focus on gaming performance, Andyroid aims to provide a well-rounded experience across the gaming, productivity and development demographics. The latest version of Andyroid ensures that you always have an up-to-date version of the Android operating system for maximum app and game compatibility. Fast emulation ensures that games and apps run as quickly as your computer allows, while keyboard, mouse and controller integration give you a competitive edge. Andyroid allows you to set custom keyboard combos to mimic swipe gestures such as the right arrow for swipe right or the number pad for combo moves in games. You can also link your physical Android phone up to Andyroid to use as a gyro controller if you wish.

Andyroid is not the easiest Android emulator to install and configure. Andyroid uses a separate software, VirtualBox, to set up and run its virtual machines. While VirtualBox is powerful software that allows users to scale which physical computer resources (RAM, processing cores) to allot to the virtual machine, this software adds a layer of complexity to the installation process as well as some maintenance.

However, once Andyroid is set up, the interface is very easy to use, with drag and drop file support and a program window that behaves exactly like an Android device, and it allows you to do just about anything you could do with an Android phone. Users can access the Google Play store, install and run apps, install and run third party launchers and even gain root access to their emulated device.

Andyroid certainly wins the prize for the most well-balanced Android emulator, seamlessly running a variety of productivity apps without lag and allowing for fast online gaming. For the technically-inclined, Andyroid also provides a great deal of flexibility for experimenting with Android virtual machines. These features make Andyroid appeal to a wide demographic.


  • Allows for root access.
  • Excellent technical support staff.
  • Very stable, especially for network gaming.
  • Allows you to link and use your actual Android phone as a gaming controller.
  • Runs a newer version of Android than some competitors which increases app compatibility.
  • Provides a very well-rounded experience across gaming, productivity and development apps.
  • Drag and drop files from your PC to the Andyroid window.
  • Supports the installation of third party launchers.
  • Allows scaling of physical computer resources allocated to the virtual machine.
  • Allows you to map keyboard shortcuts to swipe gestures.


  • A little more technically-oriented: this is not the easiest emulator to install and run.
  • Developers cannot choose the version of Android OS or the device hardware architecture.
  • VirtualBox virtual machine software adds complexity to installation and maintenance.

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